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Blackout Curtains in Dubai

Are you looking for premium-quality blackout curtains in Dubai? Aspire Blinds UAE is the top-rated store that offers blackout curtains in Dubai for residential and commercial spaces. We sell high-quality blackout curtains in Dubai designed to block out sunlight and provide you with the privacy and comfort you need at an affordable price. We have a professional team for installation and maintenance services in Dubai, UAE. Book our high-quality blackout curtains in Dubai today!

Choose from a wide range of made-to-measure blackout curtains in Dubai in different sizes and colours that suit your home and office. Aspire Blinds UAE offers the best blackout curtains in Dubai for both residential and commercial spaces. Our blackout blinds in Dubai give your house a charming appearance while protecting it from UV rays. Blackout roller blinds are the perfect solution for blocking sunlight and unwanted late-night light for homes, hotels, laboratories, photo studios, and other business applications.

Explore top-notch blackout curtains in Dubai. Find the perfect blackout curtains for bedroom. Your ultimate source for blackout curtains in UAE & Abu Dhabi. We carry an extensive range of block-out fabrics, some with a textured finish and others with foam or white-flocked acrylic backing. These fabrics are ideally suited for computer rooms, offices, home theatres, and bedrooms, as they prevent glare and provide complete block-out when required.


Technical Date for Black Out

Polyester/linen blackout fabric with acrylic coated series,

  1. Length per roll: 35-40m
  2. Available Width: 250cm
  3. Fault Target: less than 5 faults per 50 meters
  4. Fault Allowance: half meters free fabric to be given per fault
  5. Inspection Efficiency Target:100%
  6. Color Fastness of polyester/linen roller blinds fabric:
    • Light Fastness: 4 Grade
    • Washing: 4-5 Grade
    • Rubbing: 4 Grade
  7. Fray: No
  8. Weight: +/-5%

Aspire Blinds Dubai provides a wide range of blackout curtains, as well as measuring and installation. Book our high-quality, long-lasting fabric curtains today! With doorstep delivery, you can get the best blackout curtains in Dubai quickly fixed and installed.

Buy Top-Quality Blackout Curtains For Your Windows

Blackout curtains in Dubai are an excellent choice to create a dark and serene ambiance in any room, facilitating a more conducive sleep environment. Our premium window curtains, available in light colours, not only enhance privacy but also contribute to the room’s overall aesthetic appeal. Discover top-notch blackout curtains in Dubai. Explore blackout curtains for bedrooms & more. Your ultimate source for blackout curtains in the UAE & Abu Dhabi. These blackout curtains effectively block out external light, reduce noise, and elevate the room’s appearance. Ideal for bedrooms, offices, and study spaces, these curtains prove beneficial in enhancing concentration and minimizing distractions. With adjustable rise speeds and stop positions, they offer user-friendly operation. For added convenience, motorization options are available. Our online store provides high-quality blackout curtains in the UAE that are thick, easy to install, and washable. Enjoy long-lasting durability at an affordable price, accompanied by free installation services, when you purchase blackout curtains in Dubai from us.

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